What was the inspiration behind our Name?

Something that is MANDATORY ‘must be done’ – It’s essential. Our brand name indicates that we offer a range of MUST HAVE/ staple items.

What was the inspiration behind starting MANDATORY?

As a team currently supplying a wide range of customers with fashion bags & luggage, from design concept all the way through to the final product, we saw a real gap as far as trend-based quality & affordability goes. We found it most daunting to purchase a bag for our own personal use (knowing what we know, & wanting what we want) without breaking the bank.

What makes MANDATORY different?

Having some knowledge & experience about fashion & it’s culture (of which we consider ourselves to be part of), a disdain towards the ‘the fast & the fads’ are becoming more & more prevalent.
MANDATORY wants a fair exchange of value with its customers in offering quality product that are trendy, yet timeless, with added functionality suited for a more modern lifestyle. Small collections are designed and developed in South Africa for the not-so-ordinary, like-minded customer.

What was the design inspiration behind the product?

MANDATORY is classy with an unapologetic modern edge. The idea was to innovate
on key staple styles to further multi-functionality and flexibility in trans-seasonal trend.

What can consumers expect from MANDATORY in the future? Or where
does MANDATORY want to go?

MANDATORY has some loaded aspirations for the future, but we do understand that we first need to satisfy our customers’ immediate needs before we conquer the world. We would love to expand our range of ‘hard to find’ staple items with some fashion apparel (think: the perfect white cotton t-shirt). We would also love to evolve in producing some of our products locally & in more environmentally sustainable ways. The thought of collaborating with some up & coming South African designers excites us even further.