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Rooted in Cape Town, Mandatory started with the idea to build gear that lasts. Bags and accessories made to make your life not only easier, but make you look damn good too. We build them to last a hell of a long time, across different outfits and yes, your moods too. Whether you’re a he, she or they – these bags are for everyone. 

We believe any bag should have a timeless look. We carefully select the best materials and fabrics we can find, and design each bag in a new way. A unisex look, compelling functionality and high-end quality will make these bags last you through all your adventures, big and small.

As an experienced designing team, we saw a real gap as far as trend-based quality & affordability goes. We found it daunting to purchase a bag for personal use without going out of budget – knowing what we know, & wanting what we want.

We release our collections in small batches, putting quality and durability first. Each design has class, and an unapologetic modern edge. We design every bag to innovate and uplift the South African fashion industry. One bag at a time.